Dailycat Casual line canned food for adult cats, with duck

Recommended for cats from 1 to 7 years of age

Complete food for adult cats in the form of a paste (mousse).
The exquisite taste of duck and the delicate consistency of the pate will not leave your pet indifferent;
to the liking of even the most fastidious cats and cats.

Can: 85 gr


  • The Dailycat Casual Line canned food recipe uses only natural products that are suitable even for human consumption: freshly caught sea fish, organic free-range animal meat (chicken, turkey, duck, beef, veal, lamb) – without hormones and antibiotics.
  • Mechanical processing of products takes place with great care, without the use of chemicals in order to avoid the loss of nutrients.
  • The canning of the product takes place in its own broth – in order to preserve the nutrients and the original taste – it is this simple and natural recipe that attracts cats and does not bother them.
  • The Dailycat Casual Line’s large palate offers a varied diet based on your pet’s different tastes: red meat, poultry, fish and liver.

Ingredients & Nutrition


Meat and derivatives (85% of which duck 8.5%), minerals, dextrose.


Vitamin D3 140 IU / kg, copper sulfate pentahydrate 4.4 mg / kg (Cu 1.1 mg / kg).



  1. 86 kcal


  • 81%Humidity
  • 9,5%Protein
  • 0,4%Crude fiber
  • 6%Raw fats
  • 2%Ash

Feeding Instructions

For an adult cat of normal activity weighing 3-5 kg, give up to

3 cans of product per day. Serve at room temperature.