Dailydog casual line food for adult dogs of all breeds, with tuna, herring and rice

Recommended for dogs from 1 to 7 years of life

Dailydog Casual line Tuna, Herring and Rice – specially designed for adult dogs of all breeds its unique taste alike will love how small and large dogs. High digestibility of the feed in conjunction with a balanced content of nutrients, vitamins and minerals will help the dog to always be in the optimum weight to maintain muscle tone and bone strength. Antioxidants take care of the longevity and strong immunity.


Package:  3kg 12kg 20kg


  • Atlantic tuna and herring valuable sources of Omega 3 fatty Omega6 and amino acids, which not only strengthen the immune system, but also to maintain the dog in good physical shape. Part of the rissoderzhit large amounts of calcium, zinc, iron and other trace elements reinforcing the circulatory and nervous systems. Figure dietetic product useful as in the daily diet and in diseases of heart kidney and vessels.
  • Fish oil prevents the formation of plaque on the walls of blood vessels, and a complex of vitamins and minerals improves the cardiovascular system as a whole, the work of stabilizing the beloved pet of the heart.
  • A balanced combination of vitamins and minerals (A, C, E, vitamins of group B, magnesium, zinc, etc.) Optimizing the metabolic processes in the body, improve microcirculation in the skin cells, thereby providing a healthy skin appearance and dog hair.
  • Antioxidants take care of the longevity and strong immunity.
  • No artificial ingredients harmful additives and preservatives.

Ingredients & Nutrition


Fish meal 20% (tuna, herring), rice 12%, wheat, wheat germ, animal fat beef and swine origin, sunflower oil, dried beet pulp, brewers yeast, dicalcium phosphate, potassium chloride, sodium, yucca schidigera, vitamins, minerals.


Vitamin A 15,000 IU / kg vitamin D3 1.000 IU / kg of vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol acetate) 180 mg / kg Vitamin B1 (Thiamine Mononitrate) 0.9 mg / kg Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) 4.0 mg / kg, Vitamin B6 0.9 mg / kg vitamin B12 0.02 mg / kg niacin 10 mg / kg folic acid, 0.16 mg / kg, pantothenic acid (calcium D-pantothenate) 9.0 mg / kg, biotin 0.19 mg / kg, ferrous sulfate monohydrate 228 mg / kg (iron 75 mg / kg), copper sulfate pentahydrate, 35.4 mg / kg (copper 9.0 mg / kg), manganese sulfate monohydrate, 14 mg / kg (manganese 4.5 mg / kg), zinc sulfate monohydrate, 288 mg / kg (zinc 105mg / kg), calcium iodate, anhydrous 4.2 mg / kg (2.7 mg iodine / kg), ce ENITA sodium 0.5 mg / kg (0.23 mg selenium / kg). Technological additives: antioxidants.



  1. 3,580 kcal / kg


  • 23%Crude protein
  • 11%Crude oils and fats
  • 3,5%Crude fiber
  • 6,5%Crude ash
  • 1,1%Calcium
  • 0,85%Phosphorus
  • 0,15%Magnesium
  • 0,4%Sodium
  • 0,66%Potassium
  • 0,28%Omega 3
  • 1,8%Omega 6

Feeding Instructions

animal weight

daily ration












Manufacturer: Effeffe Pet Food S.p.A., Italy