Dailydog Casual line for adult dogs of all breeds, with duck and chicken

Recommended for dogs from 1 to 7 years of age

Dailydog Casual Line is a premium food for puppies and adult dogs at an affordable price. This is a 100% Italian product, made according to an Italian recipe in accordance with all European standards. The feed undergoes strict quality control, from recipe creation to packaging.

Dailydog Casual line Duck and Chicken, specially designed for adult dogs of all breeds, its unique taste will equally appeal to both small and large dogs.


Packing: 3kg 12kg 20kg


  • Main meat ingredients: duck – dietary meat rich in B vitamins, as well as optimally balanced in terms of amino acid composition. Chicken is a source of easily digestible, high quality protein, giving strength to support the animal’s muscle mass.
  • Fructooligosaccharides help to normalize the digestive system and improve metabolism, taking care of a healthy intestinal microflora.
  • Balanced complex of vitamins and minerals – guarantee healthy skin and excellent coat of the dog, as well as vigor and endurance. Your dog is always in good physical shape.
  • Antioxidants will take care of longevity and strong immunity.
  • Does not contain soy, GMO, flavor and aroma enhancers.

Ingredients & Nutrition


Dehydrated meat 51% (duck 32%, chicken 15%, pork 4%), corn, wheat, animal fat, dried beet pulp, minerals, rosemary extract 10 mg.


Vitamin A 18,000 IU / kg, Vitamin D3 1200 IU / kg, Vitamin E (all-rac-alpha-tocopheryl acetate) 217 ​​mg / kg, Vitamin B1 3.6 mg / kg, Vitamin B2 15 mg / kg, Vitamin B6 6 mg / kg, Vitamin B12 0.06 mg / kg, Vitamin H (biotin) 0.15 mg / kg, Vitamin PP 25 mg / kg, D Pantothenic acid 24 mg / kg, Folic acid 3 mg / kg, Choline Chloride 1000 mg / kg, Taurine 1000 mg / kg, Iron 60 mg / kg (hydrate of iron II glycine chelate 161 mg / kg, iron II sulfate monohydrate 68 mg / kg), Copper 15 mg / kg (hydrate of copper glycine chelate 29 mg / kg , copper sulfate pentahydrate 29 mg / kg), Zinc 135 mg / kg (zinc glycine chelate hydrate 172 mg / kg, zinc sulfate monohydrate 247 mg / kg), Manganese 45 mg / kg (glycine manganese chelate hydrate 65 mg / kg, monohydrate manganese sulfate 92 mg / kg), Iodine 3 mg / kg (potassium iodide 3.93 mg / kg), Selenium 0.037 mg / kg (sodium selenite 0.08 mg / kg), antioxidants.



  1. 3,680 kcal / kg


  • 24%Crude protein
  • 12%Crude oils and fats
  • 2,8%Crude fiber
  • 8,8%Crude ash
  • 10%Moisture

Feeding Instructions

Recommended daily ration

Animal weight

4-8 Kg

12-16 Kg

20-25 Kg

30-35 Kg

40-45 Kg

50-60 Kg

Daily rate

80-150 gr 

170-210 gr 

250-300 gr 

350-380 gr 

420-450 gr 

500-570 gr