Dailydog for small breed puppies, with turkey and rice

Recommended for puppies after weaning and before the age of 1 year

Your puppy is the best! It is very important that a little four-legged friend receives all the necessary vitamins and minerals from the very beginning of life. During the growth period, a puppy needs twice as many nutrients as an adult dog. This formula was developed in Dailydog PUPPY feeds — a next-generation feed line that combines experience, a traditional approach to animal nutrition and new developments to improve the quality of life of puppies in a modern metropolis.


Package:  1,5kg 3kg 12kg


  • Super-balance: the food was created taking into account the characteristics of puppies of small breeds, physical activity, sensitivity to components and norms of healthy development.
  • Ingredient No. 1 is selected turkey meat, which has an optimal ratio of proteins and fats. This is a dietary, easily digestible product that gives your tailed friend maximum energy and health.
  • Developed intelligence and beauty: an increased level of Omega-3 forms the brain and develops nerve tissues, helping the puppy to become more intelligent, capable of learning and training. And Omega-6 will help you become a real handsome man with a shiny coat and healthy skin.
  • A strong skeleton: bones, joints, cartilage and ligaments of your baby are reliably protected by glucosamine, chondroitin, calcium and phosphorus.
  • Healthy Digestive System: Prebiotics and chicory improve metabolism and provide healthy intestinal microflora.
  • Protection from diseases and stress: antioxidants increase the body’s resistance to adverse environmental conditions. Your pet’s immunity is resistant to stress and diseases.
  • The food does not contain GMOs, artificial flavor and aroma enhancers.

Состав и компоненты


Dehydrated turkey meat 35%, rice 16%, wheat, animal fat, corn gluten, dried beet pulp, fish oil 1% dry egg products, fructooligosaccharides (FOS) 1%, dried chicory pulp 1%, potato protein, dry yeast, dicalcium phosphate, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, yucca Shidigera 0.1%, glucosamine (400 mg/kg), chondroitin sulfate (100 mg/kg).



Vitamin A 22.000 IU/kg, vitamin D3 1.500 IU/kg, vitamin E 500 mg/kg, vitamin B1 (thiamine mononitrate) 1.3 mg/kg, vitamin B2 (riboflavin) 6.0 mg/kg, vitamin B6 1.3 mg/kg, vitamin B12 0.03mg/kg, niacin 14 mg/kgkg, folic acid 0.24 mg/kg, calcium D-pantothenate 13 mg/kg, choline chloride 1500 mg/kg, biotin 0.28 mg/kg, vitamin C 200 mg/kg, iron (iron sulfate monohydrate (II), iron chelate (II) glycine hydrate) 137 mg/kg, copper (copper (II) sulfate pentahydrate) 12 mg/kg, manganese (manganese sulfate monohydrate; manganese chelate glycine hydrate) 38.5mg/kg, zinc (zinc sulfate monohydrate; zinc chelate glycine hydrate) 175 mg/kg, iodine (anhydrous calcium iodate) 4 mg/kg, selenium (granular sodium selenite coated) 0.34mg/kg.

SENSORY ADDITIVES: Products from the processing of herbs (cloves, citrus fruit, rosemary, turmeric) 0.03%.


May contain traces of animal protein: lamb, beef, chicken, pork, white fish, tuna, shrimp, deer, rabbit, duck.

Питательные вещества


  1. 4090 kcal / kg


  • 30%Crude protein
  • 20%Crude oils and fats
  • 2,5%Crude fiber
  • 6,5%Crude ash
  • 1,1%Calcium
  • 0,9%Phosphorus
  • 0,35%Magnesium
  • 0,4%Sodium
  • 0,61%Potassium
  • 2,2%Omega-6
  • 0,46%Omega-3
  • 10%Moisture

Рекомендации по кормлению

Recommended daily diet:

Estimated weight of an adult dog

1 - 2 kg

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