What it is? From which it is synthesized? So whether it is needed in the diet for cats? Why not add taurine to dog food?

Let’s face it.


What, where, when and why?

Taurine – acid, which is two hundred years ago, discovered two German scientists. They caught her not anywhere, and from bile bull, which gave its name to the new substance (taurus – bull). However, at the opening of this discovery did not bring much enthusiasm, as a person and as taurine synthesized, and the brothers of our smaller concerns were much less.

The peak of interest in the study of taurine was in the middle of the twentieth century, when they began to mass-produce the first cat food. After some time, I began to notice that cats who eat ready food, began to have vision problems and heart. It was found that feline body can not work without taurine. Then it became clear that the nature of the cat can get taurine from the tissues of the heart, liver, kidney small animals (eg, mice and rats), fish and eggs.


Taurine, so necessary for cats, is not so important for dogs?

It is proved that the lack of taurine in cats leads to retinal degeneration and, as a consequence, to blindness. Taurine regulates the intake and excretion of calcium from the cells and ensures the normal activity of the heart. The disadvantage is it in cats leads to the development of cardiomyopathy.


He needs a cat for proper digestion, as plays a role in the synthesis of bile acids, the liver, and is involved in the breakdown and absorption of fat.

Just needs some cats it for conception and gestation healthy offspring, because the shortage of its various possible diseases and even miscarriages.

Most mammals can produce taurine from other amino acids. But the cat, so it is classified as an essential amino acid for them. Moreover, the body can not store cats taurine, so they should use it regularly.

It is not difficult to guess that the cat without taurine – as a party without music – is playing a very short time and mediocre. But in the dog food is a substance, as a rule, do not add, because the body synthesizes taurine dogs himself.

It is extremely rare, but still there are cardiomyopathy associated with taurine deficiency in dogs. However, it is believed that this occurs only with certain breeds of dogs who have a genetic predisposition to this problem, for example, the golden retriever and cocker spaniels. In this case it can be recommended as an additive Taurine.

Choosing Dailycat as the main diet for your cat, you can be sure that our wards without taurine certainly not remain.