We know the three pillars of peace – working person, running water and a burning fire. After this article you add to a fourth point: the controversy about the finished ration, which you can look down and peacefully, because you will know the right answer.

The essence of the confrontation

Ready diets – it’s simple, quick and convenient for both cats and their owners. No need to beg cat to eat this or that useful to her because of the homogeneity of the product feeds and the lack of options “to dig deeper into the bowl” in fastidious pet. However, all use of the invention prepared feeds whittled down abundance of its variants. Advertising is full, attracts and convinces with this feed your cat reaches the top of health and pleasure.

About all industrial food have a similar structure, appearance, color and even smell, if you are, of course, not a cat. So how to distinguish among them really well prepared diet?


Whom to believe?

The only thing that will help the owners to distinguish good food from the food economy class – composition. It is hidden and expose excessively bloated advertising. Low-quality food are betting on the amount of good – the content. If you take the pack and read up, you can calculate the ratio of protein and fiber, which are present there. Fiber prevails? Congratulations to you a heap of vegetation *, whose mission – to fill the stomach, creating the effect of the presence of a large amount of food. Fiber is certainly important, but not in such quantities.

* With the exception of certain types of medicinal feed


Which brand is better?

And there is no mystery. The best food – this is the one that suits your pet. The diet, which your cat blooming health, energy and the excellent state of appearance. So we can not tell you the brand that absolutely suited specifically for your pet, but can recommend the food, for which we are sure – the new line of Dailycat Unique line feed.


Again advertising?

As well as food, advertising has a useful and not. We do not call a new line feed Dailycat Unique line cat food of the gods, and welcome to familiarize themselves with its structure as an example of one type of ration line.

Dailycat Steri Turkey

Meat (33% turkey meat, pig meat 27%) of the extruded corn (18%), fat 15%, carob seeds 1%, 2% beet pulp mineral and vitamin complex, antioxidants 4%.

Savvy owners have already considered the ratio of protein and fiber, and even remember our interesting article about the beet pulp. It remains to understand what is extruded corn and what is the fundamental difference of the new Daylicat feed line.

Extruded, extruded …

Technologically, the process looks like a torture grain in a special machine – extruder, where ingredient literally breaks down at the cellular level, such as an explosion. Of course, this is not a way to get revenge neither innocent corn and dehydration product method, its disinfection and energy values.

If you connect the imagination, one can imagine that each grain has its own protection that removes the extruder, making access to nutrients easier. As a result, we get the ingredient that is protected from bacteria a convenient structure for combination with other nutrients and are dehydrated to preserve a small volume.

Therein lies the fundamental difference between the new Daylicat feed line. We do not just think about the quality of food, but also took care of its delivery to the body with a nutrient vehicle.


What is the difference it for the cat?

Extruded corn allows you to not just pick up at greater energy value, but does not give an artificial expansion of the stomach, avoiding a false sense of satiety. This allows you to easily control the diet of your pet, do not fear for the quality of food.

And what is the uniqueness?

– the production of the raw material which is suitable for people.

– crunchy grain feed suitable animals of all ages and breeds.

– due to the high energy and biological value of the animal requires less feed for the saturation.

– assimilation product – 95% (compressed and provides a compact chair at a pet).

– does not contain GMO soy, dyes, aromatics and flavorings.


Want to improve pet health and prolong his years of life?