If you look at the composition of prepared animal feeds, there can often be found beet pulp. Let’s find out for any misdemeanors beets squeeze it gives and why this pulp is needed in the diet of our pets.

Which means “pulp”?

Beet pulp is obtained as a result of sugar production, and it is a byproduct. At the factory in the beet sugar is isolated, and the remainder is converted into different types of pulp – sour, fresh and dry. Fresh contains enough moisture to deteriorate rapidly, and therefore it is subjected to a process called ensilage and already in acidic form obtained is sent to feed cattle. Dry pulp, dehydrating the past, capable of long shelf life and is a popular ingredient in many feed for small animals.

These dried pellets have a small volume and good combined with other substances that make up the finished diet.

Why is it needed?

In this case, the word “side” should not be confused when reading the feed composition. Byproduct – another product which was not a primary purpose of manufacture. Sugar beet needed for production of sugar from it, but sugar – not only that it can still be found.

Beet pulp is rich in energy, there are a lot of calcium and phosphorus, and saved enough content crude fiber helps digestion like cats and dogs.

In fact, the pulp – the ideal source of fiber that promotes normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. By the way, that fiber is the main value in the dietary feed used in case of problems with a chair, as well as part of some dietary supplements.

Is my pet – herbivore?

Fiber is necessary for everybody in reasonable proportions. It has a positive effect on the intestine, taking away excess moisture, thereby reducing the propagation environment of bacteria. That’s why it works in case of problems with a chair in one direction or the other.

In addition, the fiber more quickly leads to saturation, with a low caloric content, which helps from overeating, followed by the diseases. Pets are not alien to diseases such as obesity and diabetes, and therefore it is necessary to balance entering the body substances.

Unfortunately, not every animal can be persuaded to eat a useful, but not the most attractive foods. Especially this problem is hard in terms of natural food. It is therefore recommended to give ready-made diets that allow you to combine tasty with useful and eliminate the entreaties to eat though a spoonful of porridge useful.


  • Beet pulp – a useful product, which is a good source of calcium.
  • It provides the necessary fiber for digestion
  • Bagasse – vegetable source of fiber which does not contain gluten, unlike grain products.
  • Quickly leads to saturation, not allowing your pet to overeat.
  • Small volume beet pulp, in combination with other components, allows to make a single serving less preventing mechanical stretching of the stomach.
  • It contains no protein and vitamins, which allows to include in the composition a variety of components, preventing overabundance of a particular element.
  • Residual sugar content allows you to make the food more appealing to the most demanding animals, without the aid of artificial additives.

In addition, the number of content beet pulp can easily distinguish good food from bad. Beet pulp – product inexpensive, and because feed economy-class will contain it in excess (over 10%) to maximize the “score” stomach, thus saving on the protein supplement. This meal will give a false sense of satiety to your pet, but it will not be a source of vitamins and minerals.