Indeed, as a part can be several components that will cause issues, for example – Dried chicory root. One of the feed, in which a part is, this component is Dailydog, is gaining popularity among dog owners.

Contrary to popular belief, chicory – is not only a substitute for coffee, but in general, very practical product. It is a source of inulin (not to be confused with insulin! :)), which, in turn, acts as a prebiotic.

Prebiotics and probiotics?

Probiotics – microorganisms are ready, ready to rush into battle for guest gastrointestinal tract. They simplify the work of the body and are, in fact, ready-made solution.

Prebiotics – a stimulant, which are the body’s physiology and encouraged to develop the necessary health flora. Once in the intestine, prebiotics create an environment for the natural production of microorganisms that are required for normal operation of the system of the gastrointestinal tract.

Of course, this nutritious treat will appeal not only “useful” bacteria, but bacterial enemy landing, which is why in the feed comply with the ratio of proportions suitable for prebiotics help, but do not worsen the situation.

And what else?

Apart from the obvious benefits of chicory, there are still a few surprises.

A healthy intestinal flora has a direct impact on the immune status, allowing the animal to be joyful, sleek and full of energy. Properties of inulin allow faster experience the feeling of satiety without additional consumption of calories, which helps avoid excessive overeating resulting therefrom problems – obesity, diseases of the endocrine system (eg, diabetes), diseases of the musculoskeletal system and, of course, of the cardiovascular system.

Very, very no side effects?

In fact, all good lies in small doses. By itself, the inulin has no negative side – it even includes hypoallergenic food for children.

But its excessive use can lead to increased gas formation, which can not only be unpleasant and even painful for the pet, but also extremely unaesthetic. Therefore, in the finished feed high quality can be seen Dried chicory root in very small doses of interest.

Why animals stimulation of microflora?

If you think you have all the necessary animal nature has originally, then you are wrong. Just being in the wild dog family representatives learned how to obtain the necessary elements, minerals, enzymes and even dietary fiber from the foods that were available.

Therefore, along with the domestication of dogs, we have received and cared for them all, which deprived them together with the wild habitat. And the power that they now have to obtain, must fully comply with their requests.

That is why modern feed compositions resemble complex pharmacological chain, although, in fact, it’s just a mixture of the required components, which are natural food would have to produce a huge variety of products and balance and additional vitamins.