Dailydog for adult dogs of medium and large breeds, with deer and maize

Recommended for dogs from 1 to 7 years of life

Dogs ancestors – wolves and every dog ​​in the soul hunter, do not deny her this. Release your dog to hunt. Pamper your pet hunting menu Dailydog ADULT MEDIUM LARGE BREED Deer and Maize. Your pet will enjoy an exclusive taste of venison and dietary formula feed will give him the maximum energy and health.


Package:  3kg 12kg 20kg


  • The main feed ingredient venison first class possessing optimal ratio of protein and fat. Venison helps prevent development of adverse allergic reactions. This diet, easily digestible product that gives your tailed friend maximum energy and health.
  • Part of the corn fodder has a high nutritional value. It consists of minerals, vitamins, including folic acid, vitamin C, niacin and starch. It is noteworthy that for dogs, starch is an important source of energy, and niacin hinders the development of pellagra – a serious disease in dogs. To the body of the dog is well absorbed by the corn starch, it should be of very high quality, specially treated.
  • Fish oil prevents the formation of plaque on the walls of blood vessels, and a complex of vitamins and minerals improves the cardiovascular system as a whole, the work of stabilizing the beloved pet of the heart.

Ingredients & Nutrition


Dehydrated meat (venison 15%), corn 15%, corn flour, potato protein, corn gluten, animal fat, dried beet pulp, sunflower oil 1% brewer's yeast, fish oil 1% fructo-oligosaccharides (fos) 1%, the dried root chicory 1%, dicalcium phosphate, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, yucca schidigera, glucosamine (400 mg / kg), a biological complex of plant extracts (thistle, clove, citrus, grape, rosemary, turmeric) 0.03% chondroitin sulfate (100 mg / kg).


Vitamin A 22,000 IU / kg, Vitamin D3 1,500 IU / kg vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol acetate) 280 mg / kg Vitamin B1 (Thiamine Mononitrate) 1.4 mg / kg Vitamin B2 (riboflavin), 6 mg / kg, Vitamin B6 1.4 mg / kg Vitamin B12 0.03 mg / kg Niacin 15 mg / kg Folic acid 0.24 mg / kg Pantothenic acid (D- Calcium pantothenate) 13.5 mg / kg Biotin 0.28 mg / kg Vitamin C ( ascorbyl monofosfatkaltsiya, sodium salt) 350 mg / kg of choline chloride is 1.500 mg / kg iron sulfate monohydrate 365 mg / kg (iron 110 mg / kg), copper sulfate pentahydrate 48 mg / kg (copper 12 mg / kg), manganese sulfate monohydrate 22.5 mg / kg (7 Manganese mg / k ), Zinc sulfate monohydrate, 450 mg / kg (Zinc 157 mg / kg), calcium iodate, anhydrous 6.4 mg / kg (4 mg Iodine / kg), sodium selenite 0.75 mg / kg (0.34 Selenium mg / kg). Antioxidants 0.03% (milk thistle, clove, citrus, grape, rosemary, turmeric).



  1. 3,470 kcal / kg


  • 23%Crude protein
  • 13%Crude oils and fats
  • 3%Crude fiber
  • 6,8%Crude ash
  • 0,95%Calcium
  • 0,75%Phosphorus
  • 0,1%Magnesium
  • 0,25%Sodium
  • 0,6%Potassium

Feeding Instructions

Weight of the animals

Daily rate



10-15 140-180
20-25 240-280
30-35 320-360
40-45 400-445
50-55 485-525
60-70 570-650